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URETEK is a global leader in providing non-disruptive solutions for foundation and infrastructure settlement and subsidence problems.

The URETEK story began in Finland in the 1970s. In northern countries, recurrent periods of frost and thaw compromise the soil’s mechanical properties, leading to subsidence. In the 1980s, a revolutionary new method for treating sunken slab floors was invented: an expanding geopolymer injection technology.

Over the years, thanks to significant investment in R&D, URETEK has developed additional new techniques for injecting expanding geopolymer. Since 1982, the company has filed for exclusive patents for several processes worldwide. URETEK continues to invest in new technology and is a global leader in the use of geopolymers through its ground engineering solutions.

Today, URETEK contractors operate in over 50 countries worldwide and have successfully completed over 100,000 projects using the innovative geopolymer technology. Key market sectors where URETEK technology has been applied include residential, commercial and public buildings, airport runways, industrial floor slabs, heritage buildings and major commuter roads, railways and other types of infrastructures.

Key milestones

1983 – Introduction of the first URETEK geopolymer innovation,  Re-levelling Solution. First URETEK projects completed in Finland.
1988 – First URETEK projects completed in Sweden
1989 – First URETEK projects completed in UK, Norway, USA
1990 – First URETEK projects completed in Italy, Belgium, Germany
1992 – First URETEK projects completed in the Netherlands, Hungary, Canada
1994 – First URETEK projects completed in Australia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland 
1996 – Introduction of Ground Improvement Solutions
1997 – First URETEK projects completed in France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Spain
1998 – First URETEK projects completed in Asia 
2003 – Company formed as URETEK Worldwide Oy
2004 – Introduction of Void Filling Solutions
2006 – Introduction of Structural Support Solutions
2009 – 100 000 projects landmark
2012 – First URETEK projects in Ukraine
2013 – First URETEK projects in Russia
 – URETEK Sweden becomes a wholly owned subsidiary
2014 – Qingdao URETEK Engineering Co. Ltd, China is established
2015 – 
Presence in Belarus, Saudi Arabia and the Baltic States

Vision and Values

We have identified four key values which are pivotal in helping us reach our long terms goals.

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Uretek Around the World

URETEK Licensed Contractors operate in over 50 markets around the world. 

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