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I am lucky to be able to travel a great deal as a part of my job. One thing that I have found in common between different cultures, is an appreciation for a peace of mind. Today´s fast-paced information society offers stimulants on a continuous basis, and it seems that we human beings have started to learn to value solid foundations to build our lives on.

Our philosophy for almost 40 years across the planet has been proximity and careful listening to our customers, in order to understand how to best serve them. We consistently hear that safety, professionalism and minimal disruption are the key ingredients for choosing a solution, which can give a peace of mind in cases of foundation soil strength issues.

Perhaps it has been our ability to listen and deliver according or above expectations, or the fact that we have focused on delivering detailed designs and long term warranties for our solutions; regardless, we can be thankful for the thousands of property owners, contractors and consultants who reach out to us every day to seek help in foundation soil issues. We take great pride in building long term relationships and state of art solutions with our customers to keep the world running. It would be an honour for us to assist you in any kinds of foundation soil issues.

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