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Quick repair minimises damage caused by subsidence

When a building subsides unevenly, it can cause many different problems and also extra costs for businesses. It pays to react quickly to subsidence problems that occur in buildings and structures, otherwise they can lead to:

  • Damage to pipes and electric cables
  • Significant aesthetic and functional problems
  • The building or structure loses its value
  • Higher costs for the company, or interruptions in production
  • Disastrous consequences for the construction or, in the worst cases, buildings or structures collapse
  • ​Subsidence problems can lead to significant health and safety risks on roads, railways, ports and at the airport

Benefits of repairing the subsidence problems

The worse the settlement becomes, the more expensive and difficult it is to repair the damage. A repair that has begun in time, minimises damage that may occur and also the ultimate costs. In the long term, the repair also brings several other benefits:

  • Building or structure life is extended, and it can be used for its intended purpose
  • The building's value is maintained, and may even be increased.
  • Everyday life at home and at work will be easier, since the doors, windows, drainage pipes and machines in factories work normally.
  • Operating costs are reduced as the production problems caused by subsidence have disappeared.

URETEK repair solutions and technologies

URETEK uses in its solutions a unique geopolymer technology, which makes it possible to quickly and cost effectively stop subsidence problems that occur in buildings, on roads and in structures. Each repair is planned so that the solution chosen suits the conditions prevailing on the specific site.

This geopolymer technology is a very advanced innovation. Traditional methods of support and piling often require the use of heavy machinery and excavation. Many piling methods also result in a lot of noise and dirt. With URETEK's methods one can reach very small and confined spaces without excavation, vibrations or other disturbances. Because of this, the total cost of a repair is usually significantly less than with other methods.

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