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Application Process

Becoming a URETEK Licensed Contractor - Step by Step

Step 1. Enquiry Process

Review license requirements and the information on this website, then complete and submit an enquiry form. One of our Licensing Managers will contact you to set up an introductory presentation. This can be done via online meeting or telephone. This provides a good opportunity to get to know each other and lay out the timeline, process and answer any questions you may have.          

Step 2. Questionnaire & NDA

Upon a satisfactory introductory meeting, a prospective URETEK Licensee Questionnaire will need to be submitted by you including a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The questionnaire will be reviewed by our management team.          

Step 3: Business Proposal

On the basis of your answers and after analyzing the market opportunity for your desired territory we will prepare a Business proposal for you, which will give you a clear indication of the investment required, profit margins and market potential for your requested territory.

Step 4. Due Diligence/Validation

Once you have reviewed the Business proposal, and have clarity on the process, we will negotiate the specific terms of the license agreement(s) with you.

Step 5. Following the Signing of the Agreement

We will arrange for training and operational gearing up to ensure you will be able to commence selling in your territory.

General costs involved

Licensing Fees – There is an initial one-time license fee that is due at the time the license agreement is signed. Fees vary depending on several factors including territory size and location. These fees cover your entry into the URETEK organization.

Royalties – There are ongoing monthly royalty fees which is linked to your sales in the territory you are a Licensed Contractor. The royalties are collected each month to help URETEK provide you with ongoing service and support.

Additional Costs – There are additional costs related to the running and marketing of the business. Also fees do not include working capital, insurance, real estate costs as those costs vary depending on your company size, structure, location and expenses as well as the specifications for the operational equipment and truck.