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URETEK technology provides you with a competitive advantage in offering fast and non-disruptive ground engineering solutions as an alternative to underpinning. URETEK Technology can be used in a wide range of applications from residential homes to industrial and infrastructure sector solutions. You will join a Global network of contractors who already successfully use URETEK solutions.

What makes a successful URETEK Licensed Contractor?

Our Licensed Contractors have diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they all share many valuable traits: successful business people preferably experienced in construction industry. They also have the entrepreneurial drive and desire to excel at delivering quality results for their customers.

How big is the ground engineering industry?

Opportunities of URETEK Ground engineering technology is significant. We estimate the global market to continue to grow at 5-10% per annum. Opportunities for our technology arise from poor quality construction, increasing urbanization and resulting construction on poor soil, Aging infrastructure in western countries while governments have budget constraints, climate change and resulting natural disasters, Population growth and overexploitation of natural resources.

Does URETEK provide me with leads?

We expect each URETEK Licensed Contractor to generate their own leads within their territories. However, we will provide initial support to help you get started with lead generation to help you to be successful. Also once you become a URETEK Licensed Contractor, any leads that we receive on our website for your territory will be forwarded to you.

Where is the training held?

Our training is held at our global R&D Headquarters in Finland or England. Also, we can provide initial technical support in your local market

How long is the training?

We will provide two types of training theory and practical. These will take roughly 2 weeks each. The required time for training varies depending on the technology which you have the license for.

What does training cost?

The training will be a part of the initial fee. Training fee will not include you travel, food or accommodation expenses, which you will need to cover separately.

What’s included with the license fee?

The license fee is an initial one-time fee to get exclusive license to sell URETEK technologies in your defined territory. The Initial fee also includes the rights to use the relevant trademark(s) within your territory. The initial license fee also covers the first year registration to a relevant domain name for your territory. From second year onwards all domain name registrations and related costs for the licensee’s territory are taken care of by the licensee. All website development and related costs are borne by the licensee.

Do I have to carry inventory?

Yes. You will need to carry sufficient stocks of product and materials to be able to service projects within your territory. The amount of stock will depend on the number, size and type of projects you will undertake. Your average stockholding is expected to increase as your business grows.

I already own tools. Do I have to use URETEK tools?

Yes. URETEK Tools are proprietary to our technology and you will gain access to these as part of your license agreement.

How many licenses are offered by URETEK?

We provide one license per territory. Each territory is negotiated separately.

How much does the license cost?

Each license is unique as it is negotiated for a specific territory. Thus each license will involve different costs.

Can I finance the license package fee?

URETEK do not currently provide financing. If you are considering financing you should investigate this directly with potential providers and understand their requirements fully.

Are there other fees or costs associated with a URETEK License?

URETEK Licenses include an initial licensing fee and ongoing royalties. Running a URETEK Licensed contractor business will also incur additional costs related to the running and marketing of the business. Also fees do not include working capital, insurance, real estate costs as those costs vary depending on your company size, structure, location and expenses as well as cost of operational equipment and truck.

How do I become a URETEK Licensed Contractor?

An overview of the process is described here.

Do I need ground engineering experience?

It is not necessary. If you do have ground engineering background it won’t hurt. We have successful URETEK Licensed Contractors who have come from a wide range of backgrounds. They all have entrepreneurial drive and desire to succeed.

What are the requirements of becoming a URETEK Licensed Contractor?

We have listed some or the prerequisites that have helped other URETEK Licensed Contractors to succeed here.

How will URETEK increase my business?

URETEK technology is a proven solution in the ground engineering industry in solving structural subsidence problems. You will gain access to proven proprietary technology, global expertise in ground engineering and on-going support to help build your business.