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What we provide

We provide you the technology, resources and support that is truly a competitive advantage within the ground engineering industry. We don’t just get you going, we are here to provide resources and support from every corporate level for the long-haul. URETEK has a proven track record for successful partnerships with some licensed contractors having been with us for nearly 30 years. When you become a URETEK licensed contractor, you have access to our team who will assist you in systems training, business development and marketing. We continually look for established, talented business people to become part of our network of Licensed Contractors and believe we offer the best program in the Ground Engineering industry.

Benefits of being a URETEK Licensed Contractor

  • Access to a profitable business model, already proven by our network of URETEK Licensed Contractors
  • Get use of a respected and recognized brand in the ground engineering industry
  • Proprietary ground engineering systems proven to work worldwide
  • Competitive differentiation through URETEK technology, you can offer customers immediate tangible value
  • Access to proprietary innovative and high quality geopolymer products
  • Unmatched technical support with over 30 years of experience
  • Full training program at the start for you to become operationally ready quickly
  • Exclusive URETEK approved operational unit including tools and equipment, ensuring you
  • are operationally ready
  • Access to the experience of URETEK Licensed Contractor Network, including Case Studies to help you win new business 
  • Professional marketing support to help leverage your marketing investment