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URETEK can easily help with raising, re-leveling and re-supporting seaports, dockside facilities, crane rails, port terminal pathways and drive lanes etc.

Port areas are placed under the stress of huge cargo and sea containers, weighing several tonnes, on a daily basis, thereby exposing the coatings of the port areas - concrete, asphalt and paving - large loads. However, not all port areas are designed to withstand the current form of stress, which may lead to various subsidence problems.

With the URETEK solutions, we can respond effectively to the problems connected with increased payloads or impaired subsoil or fillings. In addition, our solutions are suitable for supporting, stabilising and re-levelling, for example, docks, beach walls, dams, breakwaters and crane rails.

Erosion caused by the ebb and flow particularly affect retaining walls, dams and breakwaters in port areas. URETEK fill the voids and improve the ground quickly and cost-effectively to be resistant to water erosion.

URETK has also

  • re-levelled coating tilts
  • straightened and strengthened the foundations of crane tracks
  • re-levelled and strengthened concrete slabs and the foundations of buildings
  • sealed leaking drainage lines or soil erosion caused by sea level fluctuations.

The materials and equipment used for carrying out repairs fits into a special equipped truck. The projects are carried out in the port without interfering with the port’s activity, repairing one area at a time. The repaired areas are available for port employees and customers immediately after the installation team has finished their job.


If you notice that the building floor has subsided or cracks on the plinth, and you want a quick solution to the problem, call our specialists on +358 3 45180011 or contact us by filling out the contact form. Our experts design the right solution for your needs.


97 Linear Metres of Slipway required stabilisation due to settlement

The project required the stabilisation of 97 linear metres of concrete slabs supporting the rails of the slipway.

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