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Full use of the storage capacity due to URETEK solutions

Espoo, Finland
3 weeks/2016
Geopolymer injection

Floor stabilisation


Empty gaps were found to be present under the floor of the storage space of an international retail department store chain due to compaction of the soil. This could be seen for example by the movement of floor tiles when a forklift or pallet jack crossed over the joints between the tiles. During measurements that were performed, subsidence was also discovered, the worst of which was found to be located in an area close to the racks of the loading dock area. The racks had to be straightened out because of the subsidence, and the storage couldn’t be utilzed in full capacity.


URETEK’s experts recommended use of the soil stabilisation service as a solution, with which the soil and floor structures could be supported to withstand the loads brought about by the floor structure of the approx. 4000 m2 target area. With the working method, the voids beneath the tiles were filled with geopolymer, the structural strength of which is sufficient to prevent fractures of the floor structure, also when subject to a full rack load.


URETEK’s installers carried out the work in the target location during the night, in order so that the injection work would not disturb the customers or other business. During the day, the storage facilities were subject to normal work and customer use.
The injection work was completed within the agreed upon time frame, whereupon the storage capacity was once again placed into full use. The company’s business continued normally throughout the entire duration of the project.