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Re-levelling and stabilizing a War Memorial without disturbance, Abingdon

The War Memorial in Abingdon, built on infill soil, had been gradually subsiding, tilting a few millimeters each year, when Abingdon Town Council decided last autumn that the time had come to prevent any damage to the structure.
“We’d monitored the movement over five years, and took advice from local structural engineers,” says Stephen Rich, Project & Technical Manager for the Council.

“We’d considered dismantling and moving the memorial and piling the ground, but we weren’t sure what damage might be done to the memorial as no plans existed to say exactly how it had been constructed.
“The engineers said there would be no need to move the memorial, as URETEK could strengthen the ground using polymer resin. That approach was also far cheaper, so in terms of the ratepayer this was also the better of the two options.”
URETEK treated the ground underneath the memorial in early December, installing PowerPiles along 12 linear metres and to a depth of 3.8 metres through soft alluvium.

Says Stephen: “The work was undertaken quickly and cleanly, there was no mess left and the Council were pleased with the outcome.”