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Hangar re-supported at air force base

Williamtown, Australia
Duration / Year
1 day / 2002

Improvement of bearing capacity


At the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Williamtown, New South Wales, a number of the hangars for FA 18 jet fighters had developed major ground problems.

The sub-base had been eroded as fines were drawn into gaps in the two large diameter stormwater pipes running beneath the hangars and taxiways.

After the pipelines had been re-lined the entire area was successfully corrected by URETEK Geopolymer Injection compacting the ground around the pipelines and also for filling under slab voids and bringing the slabs back to their precise level alignment.


To compact the sub-base ground and re-level the slabs to rehabilitate the taxiway and hangar area so that the planes could taxi and Airforce personnel could walk with complete safety.


The problem emanated from leaking stormwater pipes sucking in fine materials and thus causing voids and loss of proper support for the slabs. So prior to URETEK filling voids and compacting the ground under the slabs, the pipes were relined to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

URETEK Geopolymer Injection was employed to compact and strengthen the sub-base along the whole 320m of pipelines, as shown in diagram at top right.
URETEK Geopolymer Inejction was also used to fill voids immediately under the slabs and fractional relevelling was carried out.


The hangar and taxiway pavement voids were filled and the sub-base ground was strengthened satisfying all requirements of the consulting engineers.
Moreover, as the project was completed in just one day and each area was treated at a time according to an agreed schedule, there was no significant interruption to Airforce operations.