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Re-levelling International Airport

Geneva / Switzerland
Duration / Year
1 day/2008

Runway slab re-levelled


Less than 5 kilometers from the city center, with an average of 12 million passengers a year and 177’000 aircraft in transit, the airport of Geneva (Geneva Cointrin International Airport) was built on a dried up swamp. Over the years, the planes in transit have been increasing their loads, with the result that the concrete plates that constitute the slopes or the aircraft parking areas receive high dynamic solicitations. The differential subsidence that lead to the formation of depressions on the plates and “steps” between the plates are both unacceptable for the safety and efficiency of the airport. Slabs were successfully stabilized using URETEK® Geopolymer Injections technologies.


The plates of reinforced concrete that compose some areas of the runways and aircraft parking areas, yield non-uniformly under the load of the aircraft that travel, giving rise to dangerous and unacceptable differences in height between the plates. Objective was to stabilize these slabs. 


URETEK®’s technical office did the project by acquiring data on the stratigraphy and consistency of the soil, and the thickness and composition of the plates in r.c.

DRILLING: using hand drills, holes less than 3 cm of diameter with a distance between 1 and 2 m were made.

INJECTION: the resin was injected in the liquid state but already in the process of expansion and in a few moments, the chemical reaction caused an increase in volume of 10-15 times compared to the initial state.

LIFTING AND CONSOLIDATION: the injection of resin continued until the voids were saturated and the treated soil was completely thickened, and from this point on the continuation of the injections produced the lifting of the structure.

MONITORING: on the pavement, but at a safe distance from the area of injection, were positioned laser levels that could detect millimetric movements of the plates. This way, the correct flatness was restored with great precision.


Deputy Director of maintenance Geneva Airport “It ‘s a quick and clean solution and ensures the stability of the foundation for several years, prolonging the useful life of the track. The teams that make the intervention are very efficient and know their job well. We are very satisfied with the method and we will use it again in the years to come “.