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Commercial buildings

Floor or foundation subsidence may cause several different types of functional and aesthetic problems in both shopping malls and in offices. The most common problems are that doors and windows get stuck, cracks appear in walls and floors, and shopping carts roll around.

One should not ignore subsidence, since disturbances arising out of subsidence and leading to a loss in income will always be more expensive in the long run than the actual repair of the subsidence problem. At worst, subsidence problems may lead to the closure of facilities and business interruptions.

Uretek is specialised in re-levelling and stabilizing structures, quickly and non-disruptively. The methods used for the repair work make it possible to work in one area at a time, or outside the store's opening hours, so that the customer won’t need to interrupt their business or find replacement facilities for the period of repair works. This reduces repair costs and minimizes the potential loss in sales revenue.

Re-levelling floors or stabilisation can be carried out in a few hours

URETEKs methods can be used to solve the most common subsidence problems, such as floors and foundations that have subsided. Since the repairs are performed without damaging floors and structures, the projects are usually completed within a few days or a week. For example, re-levelling or stabilizing a floor in a small area takes just a few hours.

We also solve subsidence problems associated with major renovations, the repair work is planned in such a way that customers can proceed with their initial project, either simultaneously or without much delay. Thanks to the small size of the required equipment, we can work easily in places that are difficult to reach with larger units.

Advantages of repair:

  • The building's usability is restored, and the facilities are once again safe to visit.
  • Interference with the operations disappear
  • Freezers work as they should
  • Various aesthetic problems, such as cracks in the walls, no longer cause any major problems.
  • A solid foundation increases the structure's lifespan by decades.

The floor subsides, how can I solve it?

Floors that have subsided can quickly and smoothly be stabilised and re-levelled with URETEK solutions. Contact us via our webform, and one of our experts will be in contact with you.

You can find examples of projects that we've done in the links below.


Stabilization, lifting and re-levelling of a factory floor, West Country UK

URETEK stabilized and lifted factory flooring in a West Country industrial facility with racking up to 90ft high.

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The Supermarket had operated for 3 years in the property. During these 3 years subsidence problems has occurred, which caused problems especially for the forklifts, the customer carts and oblique product shelves.

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Full use of the storage capacity due to URETEK solutions

Empty gaps were found to be present under the floor of the storage space of an international retail department store chain due to compaction of the soil

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