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Industrial buildings

Uretek’s repair methods provide an excellent solution for subsidence problems in industrial and production facilities. We have, among other things, strengthened the foundations of production lines where loads have increased, whilst, in addition, we have re-levelled various types of flooring around the world. With Uretek's methods, one can also reduce the vibrations that occur in plants and machinery, which can often be difficult to do with traditional methods.

Thanks to a small installation unit, the repair work can be performed quickly and with minimal disruption. The customer does not need to stop their operations or production, as Uretek's team can work on one small area at a time. In this way, one can also avoid unnecessary stops in production, which would entail additional costs. Our teams also work at nights and weekends, if work cannot be performed during the day.

For the customer, the repair process looks neat and tidy. The foundation is supported, strengthened and re-levelled quickly without dust and trash. The machines, shelves and facilities in the area can remain in place during the work. Uretek performs all work according to the agreed upon schedule and according to the customer needs.

A superior solution to stabilise a floor

Floors that have subsided are a major problem in many manufacturing and industrial premises, whilst replacing them is often expensive and takes a long time. Uretek's solutions do not require  the flooring to be torn up and structures disrupted, as the geopolymer is injected into the soil through small holes drilled into the floor. The expanding geopolymer first fills the voids in the soil, after which it expands and, if necessary, lifts the floor or plate back to the level you want to achieve. The geopolymer cures fast and achieves its load bearing strength within about 15 minutes. After this, a truck can even drive over the treated area.

Once the foundation has been strengthened and the floors have been lifted, the plates will remain in place. The repair work has a positive effect on the customer's business, even in the long term:

  • The risk of accidents and damage is reduced.
  • Production efficiency. For example, truck drivers will not have to swerve to avoid potholes and bumps.
  • When the floor is levelled, vehicles are subjected to less stress

One advantage of Uretek's solutions is its speed, as the subsided floor or uneven area can be lifted in a few hours. Even large projects, such as the lifting of entire base plates, can be performed so that the repair work does not interfere with the customer's business.

Learn more about our references and examples of projects we have carried out via the links, and book an inspection via our contact form. 


If you notice that the building floor has subsided or cracks on the plinth, and you want a quick solution to the problem, call our specialists on +358 3 45180011 or contact us by filling out the contact form. Our experts design the right solution for your needs.


7 000 M2 Industrial Flooring Stabilized

Compaction of the subfloor of 7.000 m² industrial floor without unwanted floor lifting and without substantial interference of production routine. 

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URETEK successfully stabilized and releveled these subsided floors to normal tolerances without closing the factory

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