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High-traffic airport roads and heavy loads cause subsidence problems all over the world. However, it is difficult or impossible to close airports for repair work, thus increasing the demand for fast, non-disruptive repair solutions.

URETEK solutions enable a fast and non-disruptive repair and re-levelling of floors, runways and taxiways, and strengthening of the foundations of airport buildings. Repairs do not cause a great deal of disruption to the daily operations of an airport, as the installation team can work, depending on the customer's wishes, for example, at night or when traffic is at its lightest.

The repair solutions are, compared to many traditional methods, faster and more cost-effective. For example, repairing a subsided concrete slab by casting or by adding new asphalt usually means that the repaired areas must be shut down for several days or even weeks, while, in the best cases, URETEK solutions can be carried out in just a few hours. Our geopolymer reach their load-bearing strength in about 15 minutes, so that the airport can continue operating in the area under repair immediately after the end of the repair work. When the injected geopolymer has cured, it is unlikely that new subsidence problems will occur.

The solutions we offer are durable and reliable repair solutions, and they will help to ensure the safety of airport areas and the sustainability of the foundations for decades.


If you notice that the building floor has subsided or cracks on the plinth, and you want a quick solution to the problem, call our specialists on +358 3 45180011 or contact us by filling out theĀ contact form. Our experts design the right solution for your needs.


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