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Is your house sinking?

Sinking and subsiding houses are a common but unfortunately rather unpleasant problem. Although subsidence progresses slowly, it is inevitable that it can cause inconvenience and lead to a decrease in the value of the property. It pays to react to subsidence quickly to minimize the damage that can occur due to subsidence problems. Also the total cost of repair can be minimized if you react in good time.

Using geopolymer technology URETEK can improve the ground under the subsided house, and even in some cases re-level it quickly and non-disruptively. Geopolymer technology can be used in various situations, no matter what kind of house it is. Through the years URETEK has improved the ground and re-levelled, amongst others:

  • Large detached properties  
  • Townhouses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Holiday homes
  • Bungalows

With geopolymer technology one can also solve subsidence problems that occur in leisure centres, garages and in other smaller buildings. URETEK solutions are best suited for one or two-storey buildings, but if necessary apartment buildings can also be stabilised.

URETEK specialises in subsidence problems that occur in existing buildings. For new construction, it may be better to turn to companies that offer more traditional piling.

A subsided house is stabilised and supported quickly and safely

URETEK solutions can strengthen weak soil directly under the house foundations. The solutions use expanding geopolymer, which may either be injected deep into the soil or in the form of pillars. The geopolymer being injected into the soil seals the soil which has poor bearing capacity and, if necessary, re-levels the house that has subsided.

Re-levelling a house is always carried out within the limits the structure is capable of. Re-levelling is not carried out if it is felt that the lift could damage the integrity of the structure. Subsidence can be re-levelled by stopping the subsidence where it is moving the fastest. In this way an uneven house will be re-levelled in time. Usually the re-levelling process is done without any problems, whether the property is a large detached house or a small holiday cottage.  

URETEK re-levels, stabilises and improves the ground for properties that have subsided in just a few days. The repair is done without excavation and vibration, with minimal disruption and with no need for the occupants to vacate the property.

My house is sinking, what should I do?

If you notice that your house is sinking, send a brief description of the problem through our webform. Our experts determine the cause of the subsidence and propose a solution that suits your house. You can also read more about our previous projects through the link below. 


Ground strengthening and stabilization of residential homes, Glasgow

The client chose to use the URETEK systems due to the minimal disruption that would be caused by our works, to the elderly residents

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