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Ground Improvement

If the soil is not stable and strong enough, there is a risk that the building or structure may subside. URETEK has a solution to improve and stabilise the ground and the bearing capacity directly under the foundation without excavation, vibrations or other disturbances.

The method uses geopolymer which is injected deep into the ground, where it expands and reaches a force of up to 10,000 kilopascals. When the geopolymer expands, it makes the surrounding ground denser and thus prevents the building or structures from subsiding and settling. With URETEK ground improvement the bearing capacity can be improved in advance, for example when a building's usage changes and it’s likely that the load on the building will increase.

Geopolymer injections and URETEK ground improvement can be used in almost all types of soils and can be used to stabilise a variety of different buildings, such as industrial and commercial buildings, car parks and roads. If needed, the structures can also be lifted back to the desired level with millimetre precision.

The ground will be improved quickly and cost-effectively

Before the repair work begins URETEK’s team carefully investigate the soil under the foundation. The results of the test will show how deep the geopolymer should be injected and which types of geopolymer should be used to maximise the bearing capacity of the ground.

When you know the soil conditions, small holes are drilled through the foundation or the slab. Injection tubes are installed into these approximately 2cm diameter holes. Through these tubes the geopolymer is injected as deep as is necessary. Firstly the geopolymer, which is in liquid form, penetrates the voids that are in the soil and thereafter expands and seals the surrounding soil.

The injection process is monitored by laser, which indicates when the soil has reached the desired bearing capacity. The geopolymer that is injected in the soil hardens in about 15 minutes, and the desired bearing capacity of the structure is reached.

Benefits of ground improvement

  • The ground can be improved and stabilised quickly and non-disruptively
  • In smaller projects the ground and the soil can be improved and stabilised in a few hours
  • If necessary, you can inject geopolymer on a small, enclosed area
  • The geopolymers that URETEK use are safe and proven, don’t dissolve in water or give extra load to the surrounding soil and ground.

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