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Many may think that it’s expensive and difficult to lift and re-level subsided floors and foundations. With the solutions that URETEK offers floors and concrete slabs can be lifted and re-levelled quickly and non-disruptively. Smaller structures can be repaired in a day, and larger projects are planned so that the re-levelling process doesn’t affect or disturb the company's operations and the inhabitants can remain in their houses.

URETEK offers amongst others the following solutions:

  • Re-levelling floors
  • Lifting buildings
  • Lifting foundations

Alongside these URETEK also offer re-levelling solutions for roads, highways, railroads, car parks and airport runways.

Re-levelling is a controlled and safe process

Before structures or foundation slabs are re-levelled or lifted, the ground is carefully examined. With the help of different surveys we ascertain whether the structure is still sinking or if the subsidence has stopped. If it is considered that the subsidence is ongoing, geopolymer is injected into the ground where it stabilises and seals the different soil layers and thus stops the subsidence.

Holes are drilled through the floor or foundation that has subsided. Pipes are then installed in the drilled holes, and through these pipes the expanding geopolymer is injected. The expanding geopolymer first fills the voids, then expands and lifts up the structure that has subsided to the desired level. The entire process is monitored using various measuring instruments. In this way URETEK can ensure that the lift is a safe and controlled process.

Easy to lift subsided floors

Subsided floors is a fairly common problem. With URETEK solutions for floor re-levelling, floors can be re-levelled and lifted non-disruptively. If necessary the work can be carried out at night and/or at weekends. This makes the solution ideal for premises that can’t be closed during the repair, for example logistic centres.

URETEK's solution for re-levelling is very precise -  the floor can be lifted with millimetre accuracy. The injected geopolymer hardens almost immediately, and around 15 minutes after a floor or concrete slab has been injected, a truck can drive over the treated area.

Lifting buildings without mechanical power

URETEK's solution for re-levelling can also be used for lifting buildings. If the corner of a building has subsided, geopolymer can be injected directly under the foundation. First the geopolymer fills the voids in the ground, then the geopolymer expands and lifts the building.

This solution is best suited to one or two storey buildings. Through the years URETEK has lifted and re-levelled many different types of buildings, ranging from small residential homes to large industrial buildings. When you lift a building with geopolymer no mechanical force is used - this makes this solution a more convenient solution than for example lifting with jacks.

Advantages of re-levelling

  • Buildings, structures and floors that have subsided can be lifted quickly and safely
  • The lift is made with millimetre accuracy. Buildings can be lifted up to 30 cm.
  • The repair work does not interfere with the everyday life of the inhabitants or factory operations


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