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If the floor of the building subsides or cracks appear in the plinth, the soil conditions are likely to have changed below the structure. URETEK stabilisation solution is a carefully controlled process, in which the geopolymer is injected directly below the subsided floor slab or foundation. Geopolymer fills the voids below the floor structure and immediately supports the structure.

The technology prevents

  • foundations, floors, concrete slabs, streets and roads and railway tracks from subsiding
  • tiles from swinging.

Geopolymer can also be injected into the soil to anticipate, for example, if it’s known that the structure is on unstable soil and possible to subside in the future.

The repair work is always done as non-disruptively as possible. For example, roads are stabilised, if necessary, one lane at a time, so the traffic can go on almost as normal during the repair work. Sunken floor or road surface is stabilized without breaking the supporting structures.

URETEK utilizes the experience of more than 35 years of the repair solutions. Each project is carried out in accordance with certain steps to achieve a successful treatment outcome.

1. Site visit

Our professional teams find out the soil conditions and the cause of subsidence. At the same time the location of the heating cables are checked and the right geopolymers for the project are chosen.

2. Drilling and installation of the injection tubes

Small holes, about 6-12mm in diameter, are drilled through the subsided floor slab or foundation at regular intervals. The injection tubes are then installed in these holes. There is no need to break floors or structures, since the injection holes are drilled in the seams between the tiles. When the injection is done, the holes are filled and sealed in a clean way, so the repairs will not leave any distracting marks.

3. The injection and stabilisation

Geopolymer is injected into the soil in liquid form, allowing it to penetrate in a controlled way into all the voids throughout the slab before it becomes gelatinous, and finally solidified. During the repair process, geopolymer binds the loose soil from the area, and thus constitutes a revised support structure. Geopolymer hardens to its required strength in about 15 minutes, after which the treated soil is able again to carry the required loads.

The behavior of the structure will be monitored during injection with precise laser measuring devices that immediately detects the slightest lift. If the floor or road surface increases, the injection can be stopped, because the movement of the structure shows that the soil has reached a sufficient counter-force for carrying loads.

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