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Structural Support

URETEK’s latest innovation, the expanding geopolymerpillar, offers an ideal solution for soil reinforcement and structural support for buildings that have settled and are on weak ground. The pillar can be installed directly under the structure into the ground, in which it:

  • reinforces poorly compacted soil
  • provides support for load-bearing structures
  • solves settlement problems caused by water

The geopolymerpillars can support and strengthen many different types of buildings, such as factories and commercial buildings. They are also suitable for strengthening bridges, railways and roads. The internationally patented pillars are a fast and non-disruptive alternative to traditional piling and ground strengthening solutions. They can also be used to repair failed piling. No excavation is required and the total cost is usually less than with other solutions.

Remediation is fast and non-disruptive

Installing geopolymerpillars is a fast and easy process. Once the problem areas have been identified, a 55mm hole is drilled through the foundation or the slab. Through the hole and down into the soil a flexible PowerPile element is installed. The PowerPile element is then filled with expanding geopolymer. Thanks to the chemical reaction the geopolymer expands and multiplies the size of the pillar element.

When the pillar expands, it seals the soil around it. Depending on the soil conditions and its characteristics, the pillar can reach a diameter of 30 cm. The geopolymer that is being injected into the pillar element hardens almost immediately and the ground receives long-lasting support. The geopolymerpillar can, depending on the soil, either slow down or completely stop the subsidence.

Geopolymerpillars are suitable for all types of soils     

The geopolymerpillars can be utilised in all soils. In thick clay and in other types of clay soil the pillar is adhered to the surrounding soil by coherence. In gravel and sandy soils the bearing capacity of the piles are based on friction -  that is when the pile expands into the surrounding soil, it creates a strong friction force. If the weak soil is only a few meters down, the pillar can be made so that it reaches all the way down to the hard ground. Up to 6 meter-long pillars can be installed, and they can be installed up to 11 metres in depth.

URETEK plans every project individually and they are seen as unique projects. If necessary several pillars can be installed at the same premises. Depending on the building and the soil, up to 10 pillars can be installed in one day.

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