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Water sealing and stopping water migration

URETEK water sealing solutions are becoming increasingly commonplace in many countries. The increase in flooding in recent years has seen a demand for a preventative measure for water ingress and also a permanent barrier in already saturated environments.
The process that URETEK use follows the core principles behind our geopolymer injection methodology. The materials we use are closed cell and impermeable, meaning the injection and subsequent expansion of the materials forms a sealed barrier against any liquids.
We use our water sealing techniques on work sites, where a barrier needs to be created to facilitate construction or where structures are already below the water line and the integrity is compromised by water migration. Our specialist engineering department will design a package of works, dependent on the objective of the works, taking into account any environmental considerations. The materials that we use are all environmentally friendly.

Geopolymers and water

Hydraulic conductibility tests have been carried out on both pure URETEK geopolymers and on samples of injected soil, utilising an in-situ geopolymer density of close to 50 kg/m3. This density is considered to be low for an in-situ geopolymer density (as in-situ density is affected by numerous factors, including counter pressure experienced during the expansion of the geopolymer). Therefore, this is essentially a worst case scenario.
On the basis of the testing results, it was concluded that the structure of the geopolymer consists almost entirely of closed pores that are impenetrable by water. The very low hydraulic conductibility measured for the injected soil samples was due to the presence of random microdefects. 
The summary of the testing concluded that the URETEK geopolymer was virtually impermeable and practically unaffected by the imbibition of water. This will provide excellent effectiveness in resisting water caused soil erosion problems.


If you notice that the building floor has subsided or cracks on the plinth, and you want a quick solution to the problem, call our specialists on +358 3 45180011 or contact us by filling out the contact form. Our experts design the right solution for your needs.


  • Reduction of ground erosion.
  • Immediate results for the blocking the leakages.
  • Prevention of soil settlements.
  • Fast and economical alternative to reconstruction. 
  • Environmentally neutral