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Why do buildings subside?

Buildings and structures can subside for various reasons, but it often begins when the soil conditions change. In particular, buildings and foundations that are on clay based soils often subside because the clay shrinks and swells when there are changes in the water content of the soil. In addition, vegetation or large trees that are near the foundations can cause subsidence problems, as the roots absorb water from the ground, causing the ground to shrink.

The risk of this happening is greatest after a long dry period when thirsty plants send their roots under building foundations in search of water. Subsidence problems can also occur when water leaks from damaged sewage pipes. The water makes the soil softer or rinses it completely from the ground. When the bearing capacity of the soil changes, the building starts to move and also subside.

When a building subsides it creates problems for the occupants. To live and work in a subsided building can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Doors and windows can be trapped, unwanted thresholds and sills can occur on the floor, and pipes, drains and industrial machines cease to work as they did before.

If you suspect that your building has settled, check for these things:

  • Uneven floors, slabs or roads
  • Cracks on walls or floors
  • Unexpected structural damage occurs
  • Gaps appear between floor and wall
  • Structure appears to lean to one direction more than expected

Solutions for subsidence problems

In the services URETEK offers, an innovative geopolymer technology is used. With this technology one can improve and strengthen weak soil directly under the foundation. When the soil is stabilised and improved, the subsidence movement stops and the structure can be lifted. URETEK utilises the geopolymer technology in different ways:

Stabilisation & re-levelling

Stabilisation and re-levelling services provide a fast, safe and proven solution to stabilise and lift foundations and structures. Structures that can be repaired range from small residential houses to large industrial buildings.

Ground Improvement

When you want to improve and increase the stability of the soil, geopolymer is injected directly under the foundation. The geopolymer seals the soil and if necessary the structure can be lifted back to the desired level.

Structural Support

When structural support is needed for a building or structure PowerPile geopolymerpillars are used. The pillars are an excellent alternative to traditional piling methods, and can be used in warehouses, bridges, highways etc. that need to be strengthened and supported.

Void Filling

Void filling solutions can be used to fill any size of void. Our systems are ideal for filling pipelines, basements, tunnels, caves, mine shafts and conduits. 

Water Sealing

URETEK offer an environmentally friendly solution for water sealing to prevent soil settlements and ground erosion.


If you want more information about URETEK and our services, or if you are wondering if our solutions could be the right solution for your object,

Call Mr. Asim Shaikh +91 9822846171 or fill out the contact form and we will be in contact with you.